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Trailer Boat Maintenance

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Your boat is glistening but what about the most important piece of the kit.. the Boat Trailer?

We see alot of boat trailers in need of repair, some with minor adjustments needed and others with large hidden issues.

The boat trailer left neglected starts to corrode where you least expect it. Over time corrosion and rust will form as most trailers are in and out of salt water which can build up.

Checking over the boat trailer and getting repairs done early on will save you time, money and potential nightmares down the track.

Hosing down the frame, brakes, springs and axles to ensure that you eliminate the salt buildup as soon as you can is ideal.


Its your choice to research further in-depth we have simply broken it down as a guideline check for you. [Please read all your relevant owner’s manuals carefully and carry out their recommendations.]

Maintenance Check List

  • Check the warrant and rego are up to date

  • Checking for corrosion, cracks and rust

  • Assess the axle

  • Are the skids in good condition

  • Do the rollers/runners move freely and hold against the hull without any damage.

  • Checking the state of the winch. Check the condition of the chain.

  • Is the trailer plug and wiring all okay

  • Are the lights working correctly

  • Are tyres inflated to appropriate levels, rims and tyres in good condition

  • Are tyre treads worn? Plus the spare..

  • Trailer ball may need to be checked to ensure no debris or resistance

  • Locking coupler secure with bolt or chain lock

  • Does the brake adjuster move - If you have mechanical disk brakes hose across to the brake on the other side

  • Do the callipers move - Lubrication needs to be applied to pivot points

  • Are you using the right vehicle for weight capacity in the boat? Towing with the right vehicle ensure safety for all

  • Are wheel bearings greased

  • Springs may just need a spruce up if they look overly rusty

Fusion Fabrication trailer repairs in Tauranga can help get the trailer on the road safely, upgrading and protecting your investment. Aluminium Trailer Boat Maintenance.

Contact Steve to book in your next trailer service, upgrade or repair CONTACT US

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