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Boat Building Services

We specialise in the construction of high-quality Custom Aluminum Boats.

With over 22 years of experience in the Marine Industry, each boat is professionally designed, working closely with our knowledgeable and skilled crew.

Our expert team of aluminium boat builders ensure that every boat is constructed to the highest standards, resulting in top-notch quality from start to finish.

At Fusion, we are confident in our ability to turn your boat ideas into a reality.

With our unparalleled marine expertise, we can craft and build a boat that meets all your requirements.



Clients' ideas crafted and set in motion for years to come

Quality Boat Builds

Built to the highest standards, resulting in exceptional quality

Designer Projects

Provide in-house custom designs or work with designer kitsets and customised projects

Custom Designs

Capability to design, manufacture, customise components

Boat Builders

Over 22 years of Boat Building experience

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