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ARE YOU BOAT READY? Aluminium Boat Repairs & Boat Maintenance

Updated: Sep 5, 2023 its time to start thinking about overhauling your boat and trailer ready for your next mission.

If you've had your pride and joy for sometime, you know that these simple maintenance checks help protect your investment and reduce expensive repairs later on.


Its your choice to research further in-depth we have simply broken it down as a guideline check for you. [Please read all your relevant owner’s manuals carefully and carry out their recommendations.]

  • Remove tarps or canvas covers and clean, replace damaged, old ropes or bungees.

  • Give your boat a good scrub. (Check your boat manufactures recommendation for the best hull cleaning product if any) Top to bottom, to remove buildup of dirt, organic matter etc..

  • Check over the boat’s hull and the interior for signs of corrosion or rust, damage or wear. Secure and check all fixtures, cables, screws and bolts replace if required.

  • Replace old mouldy sealant to keep water out and looking tidy again.

  • Assess the boat trailer - see our trailer boat maintenance

  • Next service date? - See your local Marine Mechanic/Electrician to book engine & mechanical services.

  • ...Spark plugs, Battery, Fluid checks, Propellor and shaft, bearings and seals, anodes, monitoring systems and alarms.. all need attention.

  • Safety check, life jackets, flares, extinguishers and other safety equipment and ensure all okay or need upgrading.

Are you boat ready? Yep, leaving nothing to chance and having a smooth launch next time will be a mint start to the season.


Fusion Fabrication aluminium boat repairs in Tauranga. Aluminium Boat Repairs & Boat Maintenance Specialist.

Chat to Steve about a service, upgrade or repair on your rig! CONTACT US

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